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About – Inkwell Services, LLC


picture of owner, Lisa McBride
Lisa McBride, Owner

In seventh grade, I gave my first speech to a room full of fidgeting classmates armed with junior high humor and more than a few spitwads. I’d worked on it for days, writing and rewriting that first line. And when I delivered it, I looked the most rambunctious boys dead in the eyes. By the second paragraph, you could have heard a pin drop in the silence of that classroom. That was the day I first understood the power that words have.

In the years since seventh grade, wherever there was a scrap of paper and an opportunity, I turned to writing. I’ve written menus and grant applications, fiction and procedures, web copy and ad copy. Regardless of the medium, one thing has remained constant: my love of finding the words that make people pay attention.

When I launched Inkwell Services, LLC, I did so with two goals in mind: 1) to dedicate my workdays to writing, and 2) to help small business owners discover the power of language to build their businesses.

From business websites to marketing copy, I bring my passion for storytelling to work every day for my clients.